Welcome to the Happy Hounds Dog Training Center, in Dillon, MT. We have been serving the residents of Dillon and Beaverhead County since 2007.

Happy Hounds Dog Training uses a positive reinforcement based dog training techniques. Our training is fun, family oriented and highly effective.

We invite you to visit us any time classes are scheduled and see for yourself the dog training program people around the area are calling fantastic!

Happy Hounds Dog Training is much more than just group classes. We offer an effective, fun venue to help you develop a partnership with your dog for life activities and dog sports.

For dogs needing coaching with specific behavioral issues, we offer behavioral consultations designed to suit the needs of that dog.

We also act as an organizational center for the local Therapy Dog Club ‘Dillon Caring Canines’, Happy Hounds NADAC agility trial, canine workshops, and much more!