Behavior Consultations

Need help?

Gail offers consultations for a variety of behavioral concerns. Get the changes you want now.

Get help with…

Reactivity to other dogs or people

Growling/snarling over food or toys

Noise phobias

Barking Furniture/home destruction

Fear, shyness, and anxiety

House training

And more…

Here is how it works:

Gail’s methods are 100% humane, effective, and backed by the most current protocols available to dog trainers.

Once you contact Linda, and complete the registration, she will do a phone interview with you to discuss the issues, symptoms, and your concerns, then offer practical steps you can take right away.

We will then plan a time to meet face to face, in my training facility, with your dog and family members to discuss the training and management plan in terms of short and long term goals for you and your dog.

A follow up meeting will be planned for 2-3 weeks after our first visit to help you through the stages of the plan.

It is important for you to remember that behaviors that have gone unchecked for a long period of time will take longer to resolve.  Unfortunately the behavior could have become a habit over time and you might have even unknowingly rewarded your dog for this behavior.   Please realize that behavioral modification can be a slow process and although I will show you the techniques and management to use, actually using them and working with your dog to overcome his issues will be all up to you.


The cost of the consultation and follow up visit is a non-refundable flat fee of $150 with each visit lasting up to 2 hours. Payment is required before our phone conversation. Please complete the registration page and then select the ‘Behavioral Consultation’ option in the shopping cart.  Once this is completed, I will contact you with more information.