The next round of classes will be under new management!!  The June schedule will be posted in May!

 A list of the classes that will be offered in June…

Given the small nature of our classes (only 6 teams per class) we have a no refunds cancellation policy once you enroll and do not allow for transfer between classes or sessions. Please be sure to check your schedule before enrolling in classes or workshops!  


*For the infants–Puppy I (10 weeks-16 weeks)

*For the toddlers–Puppy II (16 weeks-24 weeks) 

Have a new addition to your family?  All our puppy classes are taught with the following goals in mind: teach bite inhibition through puppy play sessions and dog-dog socialization, teach puppies to enjoy interacting with and being handled by people, especially children, men and strangers, and teach reliable off-leash obedience, so puppies promptly and willing respond to verbal commands even when distracted.  Our puppy classes are based on age, not ability, so you should register your puppy for the class that is listed for his age at the start of class.  We offer our classes at mixed levels so there is no need to take Puppy I before Puppy II.  $95

*For the Adolescents and Young Dogs–Adolescent Class (6 months-2 years) 

Our adolescent class teaches you to train your dog in  basic obedience, but we apply this to real life scenarios for real life success! This course is designed to bring out the best in your dog by providing a direction for all that energy.  If you want to work on your dog’s awareness and improve its focus on you this is your class! We will work on your dog’s ability to calmly pass by other dogs and people and improve its  ability to cope with excitement in its environment all while providing you with valuable training techniques to use at home and out about town. $95


(A puppy or adolescent class required before participation in the following classes)

Scent Class Mixed Levels

Your dog only needs its nose for this class!  This instinct based class will teach you how to trust your dog in finding a scent in a hidden location!  This is a great first class for more timid dogs as it helps them build confidence!  For dogs who are a bit more boisterous it helps them to focus on the task at hand.  Come and see for yourself what all the fun is about! $85 (This class will be taught by AKC Certified Trainer Gail Landon)

Treibball Mixed Levels

If you have a dog that loves to be busy this is the class for you! This fast paced class focuses on helping your dog to respond to you at a distance! Using verbal and hand cues your dog will increase in his focus each week as the class progresses.  Treibball is also known as urban herding as your dog will learn the cues used by stock dogs to use sheep as they learn to move large balls (urban sheep!) around the room using distance cues. $85 (This class will be taught by Tracey Reinfree)

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Have you taken a puppy or adolescent class and are looking for more public manners skills? This class will help take you and your dog  to the next level!  Class content is based on the American Kennel Club’s 10 areas of competency.  Click on any of the following to learn more about the item: Accepting a friendly stranger, Sitting Politely for Petting, Appearance and Grooming, Out for a Walk (walking on a loose lead), Walking Through a Crowd, Sit and Down on Command and Staying in Place, Coming When Called, Reaction to Another Dog, Reaction to Distraction, and Supervised Separation.  The CGC test is available at the end of the class for people interested in certifying with their dogs! $85 (this class will be taught by Happy Hounds Trainer, Gail Landon)