About the trainers…


Linda Lyon, PH.D.,CPDT-KA, Trainer and Owner Happy Hounds Dog Training
Happy Hounds Dog Training, 2005-present
Having worked as a university faculty member for the past 14 years, I have gathered a great deal of insight into how people learn best.  Interesting that my professional dog training career of 16 years has mirrored much of these same findings in canines and their owners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In order to learn, both people and animals need to feel safe.  Therefore, in all of our classes at Happy Hounds, we focus on creating an environment that is both physically and emotionally safe for people and their animals. We use many techniques to assess how a dog and their owner is acclimating to class and utilize management techniques to adapt the environment into one that works for everyone. 

Learning to understand and train another species is stressful. Good good communication skills are crucial and in the dog training world these are called ‘good handling skills’.  These only come with time, patience, practice and good mentoring.  Our goal is to help owners realize that dog training is about progress, not perfection.         

My strategy is to make dog training a positive experience for both the dog and its owner. As a trainer I strive to help owners learn to reward successful behaviors (or the behaviors expected of it by its owner) rather than allowing undesirable behaviors to develop.

Types of classes offered include; agility (beginner-advanced), reactive rover, STAAR puppy, Puppy classes, Foundations for adolescent-young adult dogs, CGC, community canine, rally, scent, barn hunt and therapeutic agility classes.

In addition, I offer private behavioral consultations to deal with specific issues including; Reactivity to other dogs or people, growling/snarling over food or toys, noise phobias, barking, furniture/home destruction, fear, shyness, anxiety, and house training, etc.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) since 2014
Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Professional Member, 2008-present
Alliance of Therapy Dogs., Certified Team, 2013-present
Allianceof Therapy Dogs., Tester Observer, 2013-present
American Kennel Club, Certified Tester STAAR Puppy, CGC, Community Canine, 2007-present

Canine Massage Therapist
Northwest School of Massage Level 1 Canine Massage,  2015-present

Therapy Dog Experience
Certified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs with my collie Usher (2013-present) and shih tzu Gracie (2014-present) made visits to the Dillon Elementary School, Barrett Hospital and Health Care, University of Montana Western Youth Challenge and Veterans programs
Qualified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs as a Tester/observer since 2012 and have actively recruited new therapy dog teams in the Dillon, MT area
Co-organized a community meeting to introduce people to the role of a therapy dog team and process for certifying, Dillon, MT, March 2013
Co-organized the creation of Dillon Community Canines a local club for therapy teams and people interested in learning more about therapy work, Summer 2011

Dog Sport Experience
Linda Lyon has been training and competing with dogs since 1999 in agility, rally obedience, traditional obedience and sheep dog trials. Linda sees these sports not as competition with others, but as an opportunity to determine what skills she and her dogs would further like to develop.
Happy Hounds Dog Training is an internationally recognized agility sponsor through the North American Agility Council (NADAC). Linda is the contact person for the Dillon area to this group and hosts annual NADAC trials in Dillon.


Fenzi Dog Sport Academy, Gray Summit, MO, June 2017                                                                                 Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), Spokane, WA, October 2013
Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT),Hartford, CT, October 2014 (streamlined sessions)

Agility with Keri Daun, Adept Agility,  spring and summer 2015
Behavioral Adjustment Therapy (BAT 2.0) on line workshop, January 2015
Fear/anxiety, Understanding & Modulating Arousal. Physical Roots of Training, Behavior & Performance Problems, Instructor Suzanne Cloither, Paws and People, March 2014
Dog Massage, Instructor Adele Delph, Paws and People, Nov 2013
Distance in Agility, Instructor Keri Daun, m’Barking, July 2013
Freestyle, Instructor Nancy Tanner, Yellowstone Dog Sports, April 2012
Rally Obedience, Instructor Judy Strom, Yellowstone Dog Sports, April 2012
Tracking Basics, Instructor Judy Strom, Happy Hounds Dog Training, June 2011
Weavepoles 101, Instructor Joni Kaiser, m’Barking, Feb 2010

Video Taped Seminars—
Stop 77! Family Paws, April 2016                                                                                                                  Therapeutic Agility Summit, Tawzerdog Copyright© 2013
Fabulous Focus, Tawzerdog Copyright© 2013
Are Puppies Really Learning What We Are Teaching?, Trisha King, Tawzerdog Copyright© 2013
Ready Set Hike, Nancy Tanner, Tawzerdog Copyright© 2012
Building a Successful Puppy Class, Tawzerdog Copyright© 2011
Perfect Paws in 5 Days, Jean Donaldson, 2007
Really Reliable Recall, Leslie Nelson, Healthy Dog Productions Copyright© 2007


1925249_765212856837098_1709426209_nGail Landon, Happy Hounds Dog Trainer 
Gail’s philosophy is that dog training is a way of life.  Dog parents should plan on incorporating training and management into every aspect of their relationship with their dog.  She is also a firm believer that if you are not having fun in training neither is your dog!  


Fenzi Dog Sport Academy, Gray Summit, MO, June 2017                                                                      Agility Clinic with Keri Daun, Adept Agility, spring 2015, summer 2015, summer 2016
Stop 77! Family Paws, April 2016                                                                                                                        Agility Clinic with Nancy Tanner, Paws and People 2011
American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen and STAAR Puppy certified 2014-present
4-H Lead Dog Trainer 2013-present
Scent Class Lead Instructor (Levels I, II and III)
North American Dog Agility Competitor 2013-present                                                                     Happy Hounds class participant since 2007



Carolyn Bielser, Happy Hounds Dog Trainer                         
Caroline explains that Roger Caras reflects how she feels about dogs in her life, ‘Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole’.  She is happy that there are so many activities and sports today that people can take part in with their dogs.  If she can encourage people to find the activity that both they and their dog can have some fun with, than that makes her happy.  She feels that you don’t have to be a top competitor or need a special kind of dog, you  just need to enjoy the time you spend with your dog.


Agility Clinic with Keri Daun, Adept Agility, summer 2015, summer 2016
Happy Hounds class participant since 2009
North American Dog Agility Competitor 2013-present Working to become a member of the Barn Hunt Association



Tracey Renfree, Happy Hounds Dog Trainer 
Tracey was a veterinary technician for 23 years allowing her daily interactions with animals guide her understanding of their needs.  She believes in incorporating play into learning. She also feels that creating a positive environment  will increase a dog’s drive to work with you.  It’s all about having fun with your buddy!

Veterinary Technician for 17 years                                                                                                              Agility Clinic with Keri Daun, Adept Agility, summer 2016
Happy Hounds class participant since 2015                                                                                         Working to become a team member of World Treibball League